Chisos Mining Company Motel


We are NOT accepting pets with reservtions at the time. 


Welcome to the West Texas Rio Grande Big Bend!

Located just minutes from either Big Bend National Park or Big Bend Ranch State Park, Chisos Mining Company Motel is the oldest continuously operating guest lodge in Terlingua/Study Butte and South Brewster County. Locally-owned and operated for more than 40 years, we offer visitors to the Big Bend region cool, clean, comfortable and affordable accommodations served up with a heaping helping of West Texas hospitality!

Regardless of whether you need a single room, double beds, a small or large cabin, a condo or an entire house, our friendly professional staff will be happy to fix you up with what you need. We not only have rooms at our motel but also cabins and houses located behind it and off-site condos and standalone residences available nearby. Here’s a short inventory of our on-site and off-site offerings:

ON-SITE (Units 1-29 & 42)

  • Double Room (Units 1-12, 2 double beds, TV)
  • Single Room (Units 21-28, 1 double bed, no TV)
  • Cabin, Small (Units 13-18, 2 double beds, 1 twin bed, no TV)
  • Cabin, Large (Units 19-20, 2 double beds, 2 twin beds, no TV)
  • House (Unit 29, 2BR/1BA, 2 king beds, 1 futon, TV)
  • House (Unit 42, 2BR/1BA, 1 king bed, 1 futon, TV)

OFF-SITE (Units 31-41)

  • Santa Fe Condo (Unit 31, 1 king bed, 1 futon, TV)
  • Santa Fe Condo (Unit 32, 1 king bed, 2 futons, TV)
  • Santa Fe Condo (Unit 33, 1 queen bed, 1 futon, TV)
  • Cliff Dwelling (Units 34-36, 1 king bed, 1 futon, TV)
  • Mesa Vista (Units 37-38, 1 king bed, 1 futon, TV)
  • Sierra Vista (Units 39-40, 1 king bed, 1 futon, TV)
  • Creek View (Unit 41, 2BR/2BA, 1 king bed, 1 double bed, 1 futon, TV)

For reservations BOOK ONLINE or call 432-371-2254 between 9am and 8pm CDT to speak to a live representative.