Big Bend Shop & Dine

West Texas Big Bend SouvenirsBurr Rabbit Curios is located in the Chisos Mining Company Motel office. It is a souvenir shop, with neat stuff for not much money. We offer a HUGE selection of rocks and fossils, suitable for kids or serious collectors. We also have unique local memorabilia, some seriously nice jewelry, and some really neat gifts for the friend that’s feeding the cat.

DO NOT look here for pretentious, Santa Fe styled art, or for pricey cowboy chic. DO look for good value for your money!


Big Bend Restaurants & Shops: Big Bend restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, shops and stores in Terlingua/Study Butte/Lajitas within easy driving distance of the Chisos Mining Company Motel:

Big Bend Restaurants: Rio Bravo Mexican Restaurant Motel
Rio Bravo Mexican Restaurant