Walk our Desert Labyrinth

The Labyrinth at Easter Egg Valley is now open!

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Labyrinth at Easter Egg Valley

On the property at The Chisos Mining Company Motel on Hwy 170 in Terlingua Texas our labyrinth is now ready to walk. It is an 11 circuit Chartres Medieval Labyrinth replica, open to the public and free to enjoy by everyone.

A labyrinth is a maze or pattern with a design or pathway. Handheld labyrinths can be experienced by tracing the path with your finger. Full size labyrinths can be walked as a walking meditation. Some say that the path of a labyrinth is a metaphor for your life path. Others say, it’s metaphoric for the path to the Promised Land. We say, it’s whatever you want it to be.

Begin your walk at the entrance in the west opening, facing east toward the Chisos Mountains. Circle the walkway on the path between the rocks. Contemplate your life and release tension and stress through concentration on the path. Place one foot in front of the other, focused on balance. Be sure to breathe. Keep your heart open. Feel free to chant, sing, pray, cry or laugh out loud or to yourself.

On reaching the center of the labyrinth, you are half-way through. Take a moment to give thanks and to review that which you have released. Be grateful that you are now ready to move on. Be thankful for lessons learned.

As you exit the center, feel rejuvenation and find your heart rejoicing, opening to new experiences. Feel the peace that comes from taking time for yourself.

Please be respectful of others who are there. Please take only pictures and leave only footprints.  Feel free to email any pictures you would not mind sharing on our website.